Our Network

Who we are

Wire Networks was founded on a simple principle of solution based technology to serve the business and residential communications market. At Wire Networks we strive to provide high quality services to suit your needs at a great price.

We operate off the back of the national copper network, mobile network and the new fiber optic network with multiple different suppliers so we can offer the best plan to suit you.

Our business incorporates one of the best back-end platforms to maintain a highly reliable service which helps minimise downtime to suit you.

We pride ourselves on being able to mitigate the confusion around telecom services and do the best we can for you.

Our Network

All products are managed through one billing platform allowing your business to have one account and one login to on-line billing.

National Broadband Network

Wire Network is able to make available business grade products on various networks for NBN, as integrators for data services on the national broadband network.

Voice / Mobile / Inbound

Some customers just want a rebill service without changing any infrastructure. Other customers want alternative ISDN or SIP replacement.

Whatever your requirement we offer all services and you choose. WireNetwork manages some of the largest brands in Australia for inbound telephony. We provide specific 13, 1300, 1800 billing as well as ITFS services.

Business customers are looking for voice products that are simple to use, easy to manage and offer excellent value. PSTN and ISDN offer that choice.


This service is ideal for smaller businesses that require only one or two lines. It is also recommended for many services where a dedicated line is required, such as fax and EFTPOS machines, back-to-base alarm systems, and ADSL connections.


The ISDN digital service provides multiple channels per line, and enables multiple concurrent phone calls. Each digital line can carry both voice and data services. These lines provide greater bandwidth than PSTN lines, which makes them well suited for services including data transfer and video conferencing.

This service is ideal for medium to large businesses, and is typically connected to office phones through a PBX system.

Flexible solutions for growing businesses

Highly flexible, SIP Voice supports from 10 to 300+ SIP Sessions depending on the underlying Ethernet bandwidth. The simple upgrade path makes it easy for customers to respond to changing business needs by scaling up their selected capacity through a logical service modification.

Pathway to convergence and unified communications

Convergence is the way of the future. SIP Voice uses voice over IP to carry voice as well as data applications like Internet and IP VPN over a single Ethernet access. IP connectivity also enables the ease of transition to Unified Communications.

Cost efficiencies derived from simplification

Delivering voice and data over IP simplifies network design and allows for cost efficiencies.

Trunk consolidation reduces the requirement for multiple Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Trunks and associated Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), diminishing hardware and maintenance costs.

SIP Voice is implemented on a single Ethernet connection rather than using multiple ISDN Primary Rate Accesses (PRA’s). This removes the need for separate access connections for voice and data, reducing the total cost of installation and monthly recurring charges.

Enjoy ISDN call quality and reliability

With SIP Voice there is no need to compromise on call quality and reliability.